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WordPress - Can I set or edit the Exchange rate in Transcy by myself?

Please note that we provide 2 separated operations to manage the plugin, all settings to manage Language, Currency, Switcher, Translation will be handled directly in our separated plugin web at Once you hit any menu in Transcy plugin in WordPress admin, it'll be directed to our separated plugin web at to do further action and manage related settings. For more details about how to set up currency, please click this link.

Tap Currency menu in Transcy plugin in WordPress admin, redirect you to Currency setting in the separated plugin version.

From there, you can easily set up currency and edit exchange rate manually by yourself for each currency.

In Currency Setting, choose currency that you want to edit exchange rate then click on Edit button on that currency, it will show an expanded table and you can configure Manual exchange rate as you wish. You can round off/ round up/ round down or customize a specific currency or Reset all to default (Name, flag, code, symbol, exchange rate, rounding rule).

Tick on Manual --> Enter exchange rate that you want into input field --> Save


* Please advise that you cannot change exchange rate and auto rounding rule of default currency.

* For reference, Transcy use USD as ideal exchange rate unit to compare to target currencies. So you cannot edit the exchange rate of USD manually.

Auto exchange rate: use Transcy's service

Manual exchange rate: configure exchange rate by yourself

Reset to Default: reset all settings to default setting of Transcy and use Auto exchange rate of Transcy's service

For details about other Currency settings, please click here to learn more.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 29/08/2023

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