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WordPress - Does Transcy plugin offer a free trial?

We would love to give you a 7-day Trial for FREE and a 30-day money-back guarantee for the first billing if you are not satisfied with our service. So all new users could be free to test out all outstanding functions in Starter plan without being charged before going to the final decision to stay with us and use Transcy officially.

Before the trial

Follow this guidance to install the plugin.

After installing the plugin successfully, you'll be directed to Onboarding tour to get the plugin set up through basic steps.

At the start, you'll be in Free plan so feel free test out the plugin without the trial.

Or you can choose Starter plan in our Pricing page to test out more outstanding funcions. More details on our pricing, please visit here.

In case you choose Starter plan, you can start Trial in 7 days.

During the Trial, you can downgrade to Free plan then get back to Starter plan and continue the Trial with remaining trial days.

When there are 2 trial days left, there will be a notification to alert so you can decide to confirm approving charge for the current paid plan immdiately on this notification to avoid getting interruption after the trial ends. Ensure that it's just the confirmation, you won't be charged within the trial. For more details about what will happen after the trial ends, please check it out in the important note below.

After the trial

After 7 trial days, if the users ignore the 2-day trial left noti, they will need to confirm and approve charge (if choose Starter plan) to complete the plan subscription.

Based on the user's current plan approval and confirming the charge, if the user is in Starter plan, PayPal system will process the charge and start the first billing cycle (a 30-day billing cycle) on their end. User start using the plugin with their chosen plan officially and get monthly plugin charge according to PayPal system.

If after the trial ends, the users do not approve the charge yet, the settings are kept but Switcher visibility is OFF and they can't access to the plugin. The users need to go back to Pricing section to approve charge in order to continue using the plugin.


In case User deactive then reactive or uninstall then reinstall the plugin, there will be some situations occur below:

* Within the 7-day trial:

If User has not used Trial yet, please choose a paid plan in Choose plan screen to start Trial in 7 days

If User still has some trial days left with a 7-day Trial in current paid plan, they can continue using remaining trial days (7 days minus the trial days used before)

* After the 7-day trial:

If User deactive/uninstall the plugin when the trial ends and they has not been charged yet, when they reinstall/reactive the plugin, the chosen plan is kept but they will need to check their account and make sure to complete their payment, otherwise the plugin is blocked for logging in.

If User deactive/uninstall the plugin while they are on recurring charge, when they reinstall/reactive the plugin, they need to renew subscription to continue using the plugin.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat in-app or email us at

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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