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WordPress - How do I set up language in Transcy plugin?

From now on, all settings to manage Language, Currency, Switcher, Translation will be handled directly in our separated plugin web at

Below are step-by-step guidance in Transcy plugin web:

I. Check store default language

Make sure you have defined your default language first in the embedded plugin inside Wordpress admin

Please be advised that default language is the language that you've written on your website.

After adding target languages, the plugin will base on default language to translate into target languages automatically.

In case you don't need to change default language, just skip this step then move on to the next step

From Transcy plugin dasboard in Wordpress admin => Language menu => it'll direct to Transcy plugin web (Language menu) => Setting => tap Change default language

Select default language that you want to change => Save

II. Add target language


We provide 2 target language types, Advanced and Basic language. Advanced language is available in both Free and Starter plan. Learn more here.
Please be advised that a target language which are already added in Advanced language will be disable and can't be add to Basic language list and vice versa.

III. Manage language


Turn ON/OFF button to Publish/Unpublish target language on Switcher to get your website translated automatically into target languages.

Please be advised that just publish Basic language type, it'll be automatically translated by AI. For Advanced language type, after being published, please go to our separated plugin to translate contents in Manage translation.

After publishing target language, you need to activate Switcher to show target language translation on website.


Change the position of Target Languages ​​in the list in-plugin or on Switcher by Pin/Unpin.

Bulk action

Select many target languages => Bulk action => Publish/Unpublish/Remove

In case you remove target languages, you will see these popup to confirm below:

Basic language:

Advanced language:


Filter status of the language, sort Type of target language and status of Third-party app function

Switch language type and turn ON/OFF Third-party app function

NOTE: You can only disable Third-party app function for Advanced language.

IV. Settings

Besides actions to manage languages above, you can easily adjust the settings for each specific language to see how it's shown on switcher like English language name, short name, native language, flag.

NOTE: Please be advised that you can only select available flags in our list.

Also, bulk action to reset as default for all languages at once.

After setting up language, let's move to Switcher to continue setup here.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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