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WordPress - How do I set up Transcy in Wordpress?

You can easily install Transcy to get a multilingual website just in few clicks:

Make sure you already have a website/store domain on Wordpress
Login your site in Wordpress dashboard => Plugins menu => Add New => type Transcy on Search bar
Click on Install now button on Transcy plugin => then click Activate
Under Plugins menu => Transcy => Wordpress will share your info (name, email, domain) => after check info carefully, tap Sign up button

- OR you can download Transcy plugin on website

- Then go back to your Wordpress dashboard => Plugins menu => Add New => click Upload Plugins => upload the Transcy plugin zip. file that you already downloaded. After that, do the same steps above

- Successfully get the plugin installed in Wordpress admin.

Next, tap Upgrade button, it'll redirect to Transcy plugin web (separated design interface). From there, you can choose a suitable plan to use the plugin.

- Please note that you will have a 7-day trial for the paid plan. Or you can choose to stay in Free plan to test plugin without the trial and subscription fee.

- For more details on pricing plan, please visit this article.

- In case you choose Starter plan (paid plan), you'll be required to input the card information or use PayPal to approve the charge.

- After approving the charge successfully via PayPal, a confirmation popup will appear like this to notice you the billing date starting on and the plugin fee

Example: Test store demo

- After choosing plan successfully, let's start setting language translation on your website just few steps below:

Please note that we provide 2 separated operations to manage the plugin, you can manipulate in plugin inside Wordpress admin or do action directly in our own designed plugin interface [] to manage the language and its translation easier. More details about how to manage the language in our own designed plugin, please refer to this link.

In case you handle language in WordPress admin, just follow the guidance below:

From Home in Transcy, you can go to Quick action => Add Language and Customize Switcher to start setting up your website in multiple languages.

Check and choose store default language

Please be advised that default language is the language that you've written on website. The plugin will base on default language to translate into target languages automatically.

In case you don't need to change default language, just skip this step then move on to the next step

Language menu in Wordpress admin => Setting

After pressing Setting, it'll direct to Language menu in Transcy plugin web => tap Change default language if you want

Select default language that you want to change => Save

Add target language => choose target languages on dropdown list => Add

NOTE: We provide 2 target language types, Advanced and Basic language. More details, please click here to learn more.

Publish your target languages to show it on switcher or you can pin to arrange the display order.

Follow this link for more detailed steps to manage language in the plugin in Wordpress admin.


After managing target languages, go to Switcher menu to activate the Switcher in order to show target languages translation on website.

For more information, you can find here.

As a result, your store can be shown to the world in multiple languages when switching target languages on Switcher

If your store is using Woocommerce, a customizable, open-source ecommerce platform built on WordPress to manage your shipping, products, ect, you can sell products in multiple target currencies and manage currency in plugin easily, click here to learn more.

If you need any further helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 08/05/2023

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