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WordPress - How is the display order of Target languages in-app and in Switcher?

After adding target languages, Target Language in plugin will be displayed in the order as the same as the order of added target language in the dropdown list. On the next adding, the closet ones added will be at the top of the list in plugin. The first ones added will be at the bottom of the list in plugin.

Example: You first select Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Russian respectively as target languages in the dropdown list, then add to the plugin. So you see the display order from the top to the bottom is Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Russian.

In case you add 10 more other languages, 4 these languages will be shown on the second page. In case each page contains a maximum of 10 target languages, so newest languages that you add later will be shown on the 1st page, older ones will be shown sequentially next pages.

* You can change the language number per page on right-bottom corner.

NOTE: After adding target languages, languages will be in Unpublish status at default. You need to publish language to see it's shown up on Switcher.

You can change the position of Target Languages ​​in the list by Pin/Unpin.

It will follow the priority order below: Pin >> Advanced >> Basic
The language with the latest pin will be at the top of the list.
Unpin a target language will revert that language back to its previous position.
The display order of published target language in plugin as the same as the display on Switcher
Similar to plugin inside Wordpress site, you can manage the display order of target languages in our own Transcy separated plugin.

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Updated on: 19/08/2023

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