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WordPress - How to set up Currency in Transcy plugin


This function only works when the user has WooCommerce installed
In case you already installed and set up WooCommerce, please feel free to set currency in our plugin as below, please note the currency limitation on per plan, learn more here.

Set up default currency

At the beginning of installing the plugin, store currency (default currency) which you already set up in WooCommerce setting will be synced to the plugin properly


You already set USD as default or store currency for your website in WooCommerce setting

Please note that we provide 2 separated operations to manage the plugin, you can manipulate in plugin inside Wordpress admin or do action directly in our own designed plugin interface [] to manage the currency easier.

The system will sync and display USD as default currency in the plugin in WordPress admin and the separated plugin [] correctly.


In case you find the default currency not right as you set up in WooCommerce, you can go to the plugin from WordPress admin or [] => Currency menu => Settings => Change default currency. Please note that Currency settings will be managed in our own designed plugin like below.

Select correct default currency that you want in the list => Save

Add target currency and manage

You can add target currency in the plugin in WordPress admin or set up from our own design plugin.


Please note the number of target currency allowed to add vary on per plan, kindly refer to our pricing plan for more details.

In case you reach the plan limit, or reach our current supported limit, you will be noticed in the popup below

After adding target currency, you can publish currency on switcher to display currency on website

Format currency as the guidance here.

Customize currency on switcher as the guidance here

That's all

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat in-app or email us at

Updated on: 08/05/2023

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