WordPress - What will happen when you uninstall and re-install our Transcy app?


In case you just deactivate the plugin without uninstalling, the data is still saved but you can't use or log in the plugin anymore in Wordpress admin as well as our own plugin website at [https://wp.transcy.io/]

The Switcher visibility is OFF on store-front.


Users can log in the plugin normally in both Wordpress admin and separated plugin website


The same to Deactive the plugin, in case you uninstall/delete the plugin on WordPress account, all data will be stored for a time being after uninstalling the plugin.

However, you can't use or log in the plugin anymore and need to set up the plugin and everything again (language, currency, switcher) after reinstalling.

The Switcher visibility is OFF on store-front.

To delete the plugin, in Wordpress account:

Please go to Plugins => Installed plugins => press Deactivate on Transcy plugin

Press Delete on Transcy plugin


Login your site dashboard in Wordpress => Plugins menu => Add New => type Transcy on Search bar
Click on Install now button on Transcy plugin => then click Activate

* In case you deactivate the plugin before, please click Active button on Transcy plugin to get everything back and do the same step 4.

You need to approve the charge to renew billing cycle if you've chosen Starter plan before. Choosing the plan and confirming charge will be processed in Pricing section in Transcy plugin web version.
Please click here to learn more about how to be charged after reinstalling.

In case you encounter the charge fails, please kindly refer to this link for more information.

If you need any further helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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