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WordPress - Will I be charged again when doing uninstall, and re-install Transcy plugin?

According to PayPlay system states that "When you create a plan, you set the regular period billing cycle duration. A plan’s billing cycle defines the recurring frequency with which the subscriber is charged." So in this case, a paid plan (Starter plan) with a monthly billing cycle charges the subscriber on a recurring frequency of one month.


In case, while using the plugin in a current 30-day billing cycle, you decide to uninstall/deactivate the plugin mid cycle. By doing that, that means to stop our service and plugin, PayPal system will cancel your upcoming bill automatically to stop your subscription as well. But you still get charged for your current billing cycle since you have used the plugin for almost half of the current cycle and PayPal system already issued the billing when your current billing cycle is on due.


When you reinstall or reactivate the plugin later, you need to choose plan again and approve charge (if choosing Starter plan) to start your new billing cycle.

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Updated on: 08/05/2023

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