Translate the text of the review widget.

You can translate every strings of the app into your own language.

Please go to Show --> Select the specific Widget

In Look and Feel settings --> Go to Translation

Edit the text as you want

Translate the Rating text

Please go to Show --> Theme Settings --> open the Translation option

Translate the content of reviews

Go to Get > Import Reviews > Import settings > Translate Content / or you can change the settings when importing reviews, tick on the Translate Content.

The language translation option will be changed depending on the AliExpress site that you're using to get product link ( for global, fl.aliexpress for France, vi.aliexpress for Vietnam, pl.aliexpress for Portugal...).


Our app will import the latest reviews from AliExpress by default. However, with reviews that are within 7 days might not be converted to the chosen language after importing review. Because it has not yet been translated into mulitiple languages by AliExpress. Therefore, although you choose translating your review into French as an example, your reviews are not translated accordingly after importing review. As a result, you have to choose review when its date is older than 7 days compared to the current day. For more detail can be found here.

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