Having Ali reviews integrated with Avada allows you to configure the automatic email flow when the buyer submits a review and it's published on your store.

With this integration, after a customer's review being published on your store, it will create an event "Ali reviews published" on Avada
Note: For this basic integration, there's only one event at the moment, we will include more events on the future updates.

You can use this event to: Send a Thank you email/ promote your products/ offer Discount/ etc.


Avada App ID and secret key

- You will need to have an Avada account which connect to your Shopify store.

- From Avada account, you can get the App ID and Secret key: https://app.avada.io/manage/keys

- Copy the App ID and secret key (Generate a key if you have not had any)

Go back to Ali reviews dashboard, open the Integration list on the left menu --> Integrate now --> Paste the App ID and secret key

Verify to complete the integration.

Note: If the secret key is invalid, the integration will be unsuccessful. You will need to use the valid one.


When someone writes a review on your store, it will have a trigger and you can use this trigger to create a new Workflow on Avada.

On Avada --> Automation --> New Workflow --> Use a template (for reviews) or create your own flow.

Also check Avada guidance to know how to set a workflow in detailed: https://help.avada.io/en/article/integrate-with-ali-reviews-1gdx5wf/#2-1-how-to-connect-with-ali-reviews

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io
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