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Can I sort the reviews showing on online store?

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Can I sort the reviews showing on online stores?
How to configure review sorting in-app?

Can I sort the reviews showing on online stores?

Yes, you can sort the reviews displayed on the online stores.

By default, reviews are sorted by date (from newest to oldest). However, you can enable additional sorting options to help visitors find reviews that meet their needs. Available sorting options:

By Date: Newest to oldest
By Media: Sort reviews that include images or videos
By Rating: Highest to lowest
By Content: Sort based on the relevance of the content in the reviews

To enable these sorting options, navigate to the Show Reviews advanced settings on your store’s dashboard.

How to configure review sorting in-app?

You can set up review sorting in-app before showing it on your storefront.


From the Ali Reviews dashboard, click Show Reviews on the left side bar.
From the Show Reviews page, click Customize in the Review Box section.

From the Review Box, scroll down and click Configure under the Advanced settings.

Check the box Show reviews sorting to enable sorting options on the online store.
Click the drop-down menu to select a default sorting option as you need.

Sorting options:
By date (Newest to oldest)
By media
By rating (Highest to lowest)
By content

After finishing your configuration, click Save to apply the settings to your storefront.

After configuring these settings in-app, they will be applied to your storefront. If no configuration is made, the default sorting by date will be used.

+ This sorting review setting is available from the Starter plan
+ Applying this configuration may take a few minutes. Please be patient and wait for the changes to be applied to your storefront.

If you need more help, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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Updated on: 13/05/2024

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