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Upgrading to the new version of review widgets

We've just released a new version of our review widget and are gradually moving users to this update. This article will show you how to upgrade to the latest version of our review widgets.

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Why should you migrate to the new widgets?
How it works?
Upgrading process
Step 1: Start migration
Step 2: Upgrade new Reviews Box
Step 3: Upgrade new Star Rating
Step 4: Upgrade new Review Popup
Step 5: Upgrade new Carousel

Why should you migrate to the new widgets?

Upgrading to the latest version of our review widgets unlocks more advanced features designed to elevate your experience. Here’s why making the switch is not just beneficial, but essential:

Enhanced performance: Experience faster-loading widgets that ensure a seamless experience for your customers.
Modern designs: Our trendy and modern designs will keep your online store looking fresh and engaging.
More configuration options: You can tailor the widget to perfectly match your needs. Plus, you can freely make adjustments even after migrating.
Simplified migration: With just a few clicks, you can activate auto-migration. Our expert support team is on hand to ensure a smooth transition.
Multiple languages: Our new widgets now support multiple languages, making your content accessible to different countries.

Don’t miss out on these cutting-edge improvements. Migrate to the new widgets now!

How it works?

When upgrading to the latest version of the widget, you'll notice the following key changes:

Unified configuration: In the previous version, each page could have a different setting design (configurations). In the new version, however, a single one configuration will be applied across all pages, ensuring a consistent appearance throughout your site.
Widget placement: The types of widgets (e.g., Review Box, Carousel) will remain in the same locations on each page as they were before the upgrade.
Preservation of page settings: The specific pages where widget types were previously displayed will continue to show those widgets in the new version.
Custom CSS Adjustments: Any custom CSS that was applied to widgets in the previous version will be replaced with new settings designed to enhance performance and aesthetics in the updated version.

Upgrading process

Step 1: Start migration


From the Ali Review dashboard, navigate to the left-side menu, and click Show Reviews.
In the notification banner, click Start update steps.

Clicking Start update steps will initiate the upgrading progress. The sequence of the upgrade will depend on the types of widgets you have, typically following this order: Review Box > Star Rating > Review Popup > Carousel.

Preview the new widgets

Before applying changes, you can preview the new widgets on your storefront by clicking Preview on storefront. This allows you to see how the new widgets look without affecting your current setup or impacting your customers’ experience.

After previewing the new widget on your storefront, you can:
Update immediately: If you're satisfied with the demo, you can apply the new version right away.
Exit preview: If you're not ready to update, simply exit the preview mode.

Please note that previewing does not change your current widget settings or the customer experience on your site. Only once you confirm to update, the system will start upgrading to the new widgets.

Step 2: Upgrade to new Reviews Box

In the existing version, the Review Box widget may be displayed on a different page. However, when upgrading to the new version, a single configuration will be applied across all pages to ensure a consistent appearance throughout your site.


From the appearance section, select one configuration from the drop-down menu:

Existing configuration from one of these pages based on your previous settings (e.g., homepage, product page, review page).
Default by Ali Reviews.

Note: If you are satisfied with the demo on the right, you can skip this step and move directly to step 2.

Click Next to proceed with the next step in the upgrading process.

Tip: Click the eye icon (Preview on storefront) located at the top right to see how the new widget will appear on your online store.

Step 3: Upgrade to new Star Rating

Upgrading to the new Star Rating follows a similar process as the Review Box. Simply click Next to continue.

Step 4: Upgrade to new Review Popup

Similar to the Review Box process, click Next to proceed with the next step in the upgrading process.

Upgrading to the new Carousel follows a similar process as the Review Box, just click Update.

Note: This is the final step of the upgrade process. If you navigate away from this page, all unsaved changes will be deleted, and the update to the new version won’t be applied.

Click Confirm to allow the system to complete the upgrading process.

Note: The updating process may take a few minutes. Please wait patiently and then check the email once the upgrade is complete.

That’s it, just follow the steps in this guide for a smooth upgrade. If you need more help, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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Updated on: 15/04/2024

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