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Adding the review box via app block

Adding the Review Box via app block allows you to select the page where you want to display this widget. This article guides you through the process of adding the Review Box widget using the app block and customizing it quickly in the theme editor.

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Adding the Review Box via app block
Customize Review Box in the theme (optional)

+ If you are using Shopify Theme OS 2.0, then you can easily add the review box widget via the theme editor.
+ Before customizing the widget, you need to enable the Ali Reviews Core Snippet.
+ To let the widget appear on your storefront, remember to toggle it on the top right corner of the Review Box widget settings page in the Ali Reviews app.

Add the Review Box via app block

From the Shopify Sales channels, click Online store, then click Customize in the current theme section. This will open the theme editor.

In the theme editor, select one page you want to add the Review Box on: Homepage, product page, or collection page.
On the left sidebar, click Add block > Apps > search “review box” > select Review Box.
You can also drag and drop the Review Box to the position you want.

Customize Review Box in the Theme (optional)

Heads-up: This configuration is only applied for the previous widget version, not the latest version. For the newest widget version, read more about customizing and displaying Review Box.

Select a specific product from your store to display reviews in the Review Box.
Keep the name “Review Box” or rename it.
Select a layout for how the reviews will be displayed: list, grid, or carousel (slider).
Customize rating color, which is the color of the stars and the rating distribution bars, used to display customer review ratings based on your store style.
Customize the section color (background color) of the review box to enhance the visual appearance of the widget.
Choose the primary text color to ensure readability and alignment with your store's branding.

To have more options to customize the Review Box widget, click Customize setting in Ali Reviews. This will open the Ali Reviews app in a new tab and allow you to customize this widget in more detail.

After adding the Review Box and customizing it, remember to click Save to show reviews in the previous version of the Review Box in your store. Read this article for more information about upgrading to the new version of review widgets.

In case you are using theme OS 1.0 or using any page builder app/custom theme, please check this article to add a Review Box manually by coding.

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Updated on: 10/06/2024

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