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Discovering all Ali Reviews widgets

Utilizing the Ali Reviews widget can showcase your reviews and enhance your store's credibility. This article will show you how each widget looks and how it can elevate your brand and encourage informed purchasing decisions.

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Review Box

The Review Box displays customer reviews in a grid, list, or slider layouts. This popular widget enhances social proof and trustworthiness for online stores.

The Review Box is automatically added to the product page after configuring it in the Ali Reviews. For non-product pages, you can add the review box widget via the app block.

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Review Popup

The Review Popup is an automated floating pop-up that appears in various positions on the page to grab customers’ attention. By displaying a single featured review for a few seconds, it encourages customers to click and learn more about the product.

The Review Popup will be shown on all pages.

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Star Rating

The Star Rating widget prominently displays the average rating and total number of reviews. Hovering over the rating reveals a detailed breakdown of reviews by star level, boosting product credibility and attracting more customers.

This widget is shown on both the product page and the collection page.

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Popup Detail

This widget shows detailed reviews relevant to the products customers are interested in. By clicking on a single review, a popup opens to display additional information including media, review text, average rating, and product details.

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Review Tab

This widget is a tab on the side of the store, giving shoppers easy access to reviews without leaving the current page. By clicking the Review Tab widget, a popup will appear displaying all your store's product reviews.

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The Review Carousel widget showcases customer reviews in a horizontal scrolling format, featuring product images and star ratings. This visually engaging display enhances product appeal and boosts trust in your brand.

Clicking on a review card opens a Popup Detail with more product information.

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Review Badge

The Review Badge prominently displays the average star rating of a product on your online store, highlighting positive feedback. These badges encourage potential buyers to make informed decisions by showcasing verified reviews and the overall rating, boosting trust and credibility for your products.

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Updated on: 29/05/2024

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