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Ali Reviews new widget - How to set up Carousel App Block?

This article includes 2 steps to set up the Carousel widget (Available from Essential plan)

Step 1: Add carousel app block

Step 2: Widget settings

From Ali Reviews Menu > Show reviews --> Carousel --> Customize --> It will lead you to Shopify Theme Editor. Or you can open the Theme editor directly from your admin

Select a specific page, click Add section (or add block), then add the Carousel widget

Note: Ali Reviews supports to add Carousel Slider on multi templates for Themes use Online Store 2.0

Please be also noted that we only release the new widget for new users who install the app after May 18, 2023. For users who installed before that day, you will see the settings of the old widget. We will inform you when we running the migration plan to update your widgets.


From Theme Editor --> Click on the Carousel --> You will see the settings there

Overall: This section is aimed customize the appearance of the Carousel including text color, font style and size, customizing title text, and so on.

Rating Icon: You would be able to custom the Rating's color, size and shape.

Review Selection: By default, it will show all reviews from all products on your store. This setting allows you to display reviews of one or some specific products

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Updated on: 08/03/2024

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