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Managing media

The purpose of managing media is to help you easily locate, oversee media content, and control the visibility of media reviews. This article will go through some key actions you can take in the management of photos or videos.

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Delete one media item
Delete multiple media items

Delete one media item


From the manage reviews page, select Manage Reviews in the left side menu.
From the All media section, click Manage media.

Check the box to select one media item you want to delete.

If you want to check the product review details before deleting this media item, hover over and zoom out on your selected media.

Press the button Delete in the review details. Then select one option from a confirmation modal to delete:

Only the selected photo or video
All reviews related to the selected media item

Delete multiple media items

You can select multiple media items to delete at one time by checking the boxes.

Furthermore, to delete all photos and videos you have, check the box and click Select all media items on the media page.

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Updated on: 21/05/2024

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