First of all, you can view and select the Pricing plan on embedded app section

With your concern, when you upgrade from STARTER to ESSENTIAL, the charge is prorated based on the difference in price and the number of days remaining in the billing cycle according to Shopify Policy.

For example:

You begin a 30-day billing cycle on a STARTER plan and get the charge of $9.90, then upgrade to an ESSENTIAL plan, which is $19.90 plan on day 15 of the billing cycle.

       => You'd be charged ($19.90 - $9.90) * ((30-15)/30) = $5.00 (+ $9.90 of Starter plan at the begin of the app billing cycle)

Simply, you upgrade from STARTER to ESSENTIAL on the same day, you'll get 2 charges, $9.90 for Stater plan and $10.9 for the difference of 2 plans. In total $19.90 plan = Essential plan

I hope this will be clear your concern. Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

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