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Fixing CSV file import review errors

While importing reviews from a CSV file, you may encounter errors and be unsure how to fix them. This article aims to clarify problems and offer solutions to ensure a seamless importing review process.

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Invalid format
Review quota limit per product
Duplicate reviews
File size limitation

Invalid format

Error message:

You may see one of these messages while importing reviews from a CSV file.

Import failed. Please review the format and the input fields in your file.


Make sure you download it as a CSV file and keep the format correct.
Do not delete any columns from the CSV file.
Follow these detailed instructions to check the review data format again.

1. Customer country code (Alpha-2 code)The two-letter country code represents the location of the reviewers. Click here to see the full list of country codes.US: United States, AU: Australia
2. Product IDThe product ID is a sequence of digits found in the last part of the product URL from the Shopify admin.This is an example of product URL from Shopify admin: “8168837578940” is product ID
3. Customer nameThe reviewer's name.Anna
4. RatingThe star rating. Valid values from 1 to 5 are supported.2
5. ContentThe review textExcellent price with high quality. I will definitely buy it again.
6. Customer email (optional)The reviewer's email address. You can leave this field empty if you don’t have the customer’s
7. Published dateFollow the pattern: mm/dd/yyyy or mm/dd/yy. Make sure the date format is consistent across the entire published date column. yyyy and yy represent the year; mm represents the month; dd represents the day.10/12/21
8. Image Link (optional)To import review images, make sure that the image URL is published, and follow accepted formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif. The maximum number of images in a review is 5, and each one is separated with a comma. Click to read adding review images into a CSV file.,

Review quota limit per product

Error message:

500/600 reviews imported. You have reached the review quota limit per product.


You can import reviews up to the maximum allowed for each plan.
For example: Your plan is the starter plan, in which you have a maximum of 500 reviews per product.

If the product hasn’t had any reviews yet, you can import up to 500 reviews.
If the product already has 100 reviews, you can import an additional 400 reviews.
If the product already has 500 reviews, no more reviews can be imported.

The review quota limit varies based on your subscription plan.

Starter: 500 reviews per product
Essential: 1,500 reviews per product
Premium: 10,000 reviews per product
Enterprise: 20,000 reviews per product

If you reach the review quota limit and want to import more reviews from a CSV file, you need to upgrade your pricing plan.

Steps to check pricing details: Ali Reviews app > Settings > Pricing.

Duplicate reviews

Error message:

You may see some error messages like:

Import failed due to duplication.
5/10 reviews imported because duplicated reviews are excluded.


Avoid re-uploading any previously imported review files.
Check and delete duplicate reviews in the CSV file.

File size limitation

Error message:

Maximum file size is 5MB


Remember the file size cannot exceed 5MB. In this case, you will need to remove the number of reviews to ensure your file size is less than 5MB.
You can divide your file into multiple CSV files and then import reviews from each CSV file separately.

Hope this article assists you in resolving CSV file import review errors and ensures a smooth importing review process. If you need some more help, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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Updated on: 02/05/2024

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