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Fixing common importing review errors

During the review import process, you may encounter some issues. This article will help you figure out some common importing errors and how to solve them.

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No reviews match import settings
No customer reviews in the review source
URL format errors
No product ID in the URL
Duplicate URL

No reviews match import settings

While importing reviews, you may see this error message.

Error message: No reviews match Product-specific import settings. Please change the settings or get another link with reviews.

Solution: In this case, you need to change the settings to adjust the specific criteria that match your requirements to include the reviews you want.

+ For all products in general: From the import reviews tab, click Customize settings on the right top.

Steps: Dashboard > Click import reviews tab in the side menu > click Customize settings on the right top.

+ For individual products: Click Customize settings on the right top of the review sources page.

Steps: Dashboard > Click Import Reviews in the side menu > click button Import reviews in the selected product > click Customize settings.

The settings include reviews in the date range, location, and content moderation like content, photo, and skip reviews with keywords.

No customer reviews in the review source

Error message: Cannot find reviews, please try another link with customer reviews.
Solution: Check customer reviews in the URL from AliExpress or Amazon.

+ The review source from AliExpress:

Scroll down the product page and check the amount of reviews in the top menu.

If there are no customer reviews in that URL, you need to find another one with reviews.

+ The review source from Amazon:

Tip: Click on the ratings under the product name to quickly view customer reviews. This will scroll you down to the customer reviews section.

If there are no reviews in the URL, you will not see any ratings or customer reviews. In this case, you need to find another URL with reviews to replace it.

URL format errors

Error message: The URL is invalid. Please check the link format or learn more to get the correct link.
Solution: Check the URL format and make sure you are using the correct format.

+ AliExpress URL must look like:

[] - Click here for an example.

Another correct format:

[] - Click here for an example.
The query string is optional and it consists of various parameters separated by '&' symbols.

There are some incorrect format AliExpress URLs:

The importing error may occur if the URL has the local link [].

+ Amazon product URL must look like:

[]. Please click here for an example

No product ID in the URL

Error message: Cannot find the product ID in this URL, please try another link.
Solution: To solve this error message during the review import process, simply use another URL with the product ID.

Duplicate URL

Error message: URL already exists. Please replace the URL with another one.
Solution: This message means the URL exists in the review source list, the system can’t import reviews from duplicate URLs. Therefore, you need to replace the review source with a different one.

1. Remember to install the Ali Reviews extension on Google Chrome to limit errors and import reviews smoothly. (Click here to learn how to install the Ali Reviews extension).
2. The maximum number of imported URLs each time is 5.
3. You might encounter this error message:
“Product details are unavailable here due to a problem getting the information from this URL. However, you can import reviews from this source.”
In this case, despite the inability to preview product details, you can go ahead and proceed with importing reviews.

Hope this article helps you clarify how to solve common importing errors and have a review import process efficiently.

If you need help, contact our customer support via live chat or email at Please provide detailed information about the issue and any troubleshooting steps you've tried. We're available 24/7 to assist you promptly.

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Updated on: 15/05/2024

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