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Importing reviews from AliExpress and Amazon

By using AI-powered review importers from AliExpress and Amazon, Ali Reviews will help you save time and effort to locate quality and accurate review sources for a quick import without manual searching. This article will show you how to import reviews from AliExpress and Amazon effortlessly and effectively.

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Add Ali Reviews extension
Add active products
Import reviews by AI suggestion
Manually add review sources

Add Ali Reviews extension

This step will limit errors in the importing process and help you import the reviews smoothly and quickly from AliExpress and Amazon.


From the import reviews tab, click Add to Chrome. This will open the Chrome web store tab.
From the Chrome web store, click Add to Chrome.

Tip: Reload the Ali Reviews app after adding the Ali Reviews extension. Then click “Import Reviews” in the side menu to start the import review process.

Add active products

You can skip this step if your store has active products already. In case, your store hasn’t had any products yet, this step is for:

New stores:

From the import reviews tab, click Add product.
From the Shopify Products page, click Add product.
Enter a title for your product, along with additional details.
Click Save.

Dropshipping stores:

For those who are dropshipping, we recommend Zopi ‑ AliExpress Dropshipping, which will support you import products from AliExpress.

Import reviews using AI suggestion

After having the active products on your store, you can start importing reviews by AI suggestion.

Tip: Modify criteria in general for all products by clicking Settings on the top-right import reviews tab before importing reviews.


Select the product you want to import reviews and click Import Reviews.

From the top right review sources page, click Product-specific import settings to adjust the product-specific criteria that match your requirements to include the reviews you want.

The settings include reviews in the date range, review limit per import, auto-publish reviews, prioritize reviews in order, content moderation, and location.

AI will auto-suggest 3 review sources. Freely import reviews from 1 source or all sources by AI suggestion depending on your choice.

You can get more top-rated reviews by clicking Add review source.
One option is to get sources suggested by AI.
Another option is to manually add review sources by copying specific review URLs from AliExpress or Amazon and pasting them into the import field.

Manually add review sources

Besides getting review sources by AI suggestion, you can manually add review sources from AliExpress or Amazon.


From the import reviews tab, select the product you want to import reviews and click Import Reviews.

Click Add review source > Select Manually add review sources.

Copy a specific review URL from AliExpress or Amazon and paste it into the import field.

Tip: Make sure that the selected URL has reviews from AliExpress or Amazon to import.

Click Import reviews to import individual sources, or click Import reviews from all sources to import all review sources.

1. Each time, you can import a maximum of 5 URLs, and the review quota limits per product depend on your plan pricing. See more about Ali Reviews’ pricing
2. Ali Reviews excludes some keywords by default to increase the quality of the reviews. You can change this in "Import settings".
3. Ali Reviews keeps the name hidden format like A**r to protect the reviewers' privacy.

That's the instructions for importing reviews from AliExpress and Amazon. If you need more help, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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Updated on: 13/03/2024

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