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Ali Reviews - Encourage customer to write reviews with Discount options

To encourage your customers to leave reviews after their purchase, you can offer discount code for their next purchase.

This feature is located on Collect reviews menu --> Discount (Available from Essential plan)


Enable the Discount setting

Select the Discount method

Unique code for each kind of review:

A unique code is created via Ali Reviews, it allows you to create each discount code for each kind of reviews (review with text only, review with photo, video), this discount code can be used once (unless you change it from Shopify setting - the discount code will be created and shown on Shopify after your customer wrote the review). Please also be noted that Video review is only available from Premium plan.

With the purpose to persuade your customer to leave review with media (photo/ video), the discount value has to progressively increase from review with text to review with photo - video

Select where to offer the discount code: Only review request (Email request, review submission link from SMS request/ request generator) or on both website and the review request

Set up discount expiration: if you do not set the end date for your discounts, it will be valid until it is used

A discount code for all customers

Ali Reviews will sync the discount code from Shopify, you can check the summary badge to see if the discount information is correct. In case, it is not correct, please hit the Update Now button.

You can select the condition to offer the discount code (Review with text only or review with photo/video). Please also noted that this discount code is displayed on both website and review request.


Promotion badge

You can customize the design and content of the promotion badge which was used to encourage your customer to leave the review

The Promotion badge can be displayed on Review request email, Review submission page (Submit link from Email request, SMS request, Request generator), Review box and Write a review section based on your Discount setting. You can switch to preview on each place.

Discount code

Discount code will be shown after the customer left the review. It will be shown on 2 places: Thank you modal after writing review on storefront and Discount code email (You can also customize the Discount code email as your desire)

Note: The customize button on preview section is used to customize the page/ section you are previewing.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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Updated on: 03/07/2023

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