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Sending auto-request reviews via email

The review request email is one main feature of collecting reviews, helping the shop owners get more reviews from purchasers and encouraging customers to leave feedback for the store. This article provides an overview of how to send auto-request reviews via email.

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Enable auto-schedule requests
Set up an email schedule
Set up an order of products
Set up a reminder email
Set up an old-order review request

Enable auto-schedule requests

To let the review request email feature work, you need to enable auto-schedule requests. The purpose of this action is that your customers can receive a review request email after the orders are fulfilled.

From the Ali Reviews dashboard
Click Collect Reviews in the left side menu
Select Auto-Request > Review request email

In the auto-schedule requests section, toggle on auto-schedule request
Click Save

Set up an email schedule

This setup helps you schedule time for the review request email sent to your customers after fulfilled orders are completed.

Sending scheduled (applied for all countries)

The default scheduled time is currently set to 7 days. This means that 7 days after the orders are fulfilled, the review request email will be automatically sent to your customers.

Besides, you can change the scheduled time, and remember that the review request email should come after the fulfillment date.

Customizing timing-triggered for specific countries

The settings allow you to schedule different email-sending times for several specific countries.

Our default scheduled time is 7 days; you can also change this filter as long as it’s after the fulfillment date.

Read scheduling email sending time for more information.

Set up an order for products

This setup allows merchants to arrange the order in which products are displayed on email and Review Submission Pages, giving preference to collecting reviews for high-priced items or products with fewer reviews.

There are 3 options available:

By price: High to Low: This option arranges products based on their prices, from the highest-priced items to the lowest-priced ones.
By review: Least to Most: Products are arranged from those with the fewest reviews to those with the most.
By list of Shopify orders: This organizes products according to the order in which they appear in the merchant's Shopify store.

Set up a reminder email

This setup is used when customers forget to leave reviews for the purchase after you send the auto-review request email. There are 3 options for you to select:

Option 1: Send a review reminder email if there is at least one product that has not been reviewed yet in the first email.
When selecting this option, you should schedule the sending time to remind them after the first review request.
Option 2: Send a review reminder email only if no product has not been reviewed yet in the first email.
Option 3: None (don't send reminder emails).

+ The default scheduled time is 7 days after the first review request, and you can adjust the day as you desire.
+ We keep the email reminder template, and it cannot be edited.
+ Reminder email is only available from the essential plan.
+ When downgrading the pricing plan, the email reminders feature will be disabled, and auto-select option 3.

Read reminding customers to leave reviews via email reminder for more information.

Set up an old order review request

Old orders are counted as your fulfilled orders in the last 60 days before Ali Reviews installation, and then you can automatically request reviews via email for those past orders.
If you want to use this feature to collect reviews of old orders in the last 60 days before installing Ali Reviews, just simply click the Send review request button.

Read sending email review requests for old orders for more information.

+ Remember to click "Save" once you’ve finished adjusting all settings of the review request email feature.
+ In this section, we have email template customization, where you can customize some email templates to match your store style by clicking "Customize email" button. Click here for more information about customizing email templates.

That’s an overview of how to set up the review request email. If you need help, contact our customer support via live chat or email at

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Updated on: 08/04/2024

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