From new update on Ali Reviews 6.31, you are allowed to send Request Reviews via Email to the old orders. This feature is available from Essential plan


Onn Collect reviews --> Request Review via Email --> Old-order review request tab


We counted the Old orders on the last 60 days which have not received the Email Request reviews

The limited orders which you can sent reviews are based on the Monthly quota of your plan

For example: You are on Essential, you can send email for total 500 orders.

Remaining orders equal the total old order minus the number of orders you choose to send on step 2. You can continue to send Email for these orders on the next month.

Send by: choose to send from the latest order or the earliest order


Please consider the new orders you will receive within the month when set the number of old orders on step 2.

If you has reached the month quota, you could not schedule more email

We will use the Email configure on Request Reviews via Email to send the old orders.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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