Customizing discount code appearance

The purpose of the discount code is to motivate your customers to submit reviews. This article will show you how to personalize the appearance of the discount code that is displayed after customers leave reviews.

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About discount code
Customize discount code appearance
Step 1: Open discount code in Ali Reviews app
Step 2: Select the place to show discount code
Step 3: Select template
Step 4: Adjust design
Step 5: Modify content

Note: The discount for the reviews feature is only available from an essential plan.

About discount code

Discount codes are special codes that customers can use on their next purchases after writing reviews on the storefront or in response to a discount code email.

The guide focuses solely on the visual customization of discount codes to align with your brand style. To change discount values or expiration dates, please read this article about the discount setting for more information.

Customize discount code appearance

Step 1: Open discount code in Ali Reviews app


From the Ali Reviews dashboard, navigate to the left-side menu, and click Collect Reviews.
Click Discount at the top of the collect reviews page.
From the drop-down, select Discount Display Customization.
In the discount code section, click Customize.

Step 2: Select the place to show discount code

The discount code will be displayed in two places below. You can switch to preview how the discount code fits each place.

Click the drop-down at the top right of the page.
Select one place to show the discount code.

+ Discount code email
+ Thank you modal after customers write reviews in your store.

Besides, if you want to change the template of the place you want the discount code to appear, click Customize.

Tip: Read more about customizing discount code email template.

Step 3: Select template

There are 2 templates for the discount code, which are Basic and Center icons.

Step 4: Adjust design

In the design section, you can adjust elements:

Text color
Discount code color
Background card
Background section
Border radius

Step 5: Modify content

Language: We support several languages, including Chinese (simplified), Portuguese, German, French, Japanese, etc.

The language options for customizing the discount code are synced with the Shopify admin settings. This means the languages available in the Shopify admin settings are the same ones on the discount code customization page.

To select a language in the discount code, click Language dropdown. You can switch among multiple languages, provided you’ve added them under the Shopify admin settings.

Steps to add more languages from Shopify admin settings :

From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Languages.
Click Add Language.
Select a language from the drop-down menu, then click Add.
In Unpublished languages, click Publish beside the language that you want to make available to customers in your store.

Read this article for more information about managing language in Shopify.

Describes the discount value (percentage or fixed amount) awarded for each product review.

Show the deadline by which the discount code must be used. After this date, the code will no longer be valid.

+ You can edit the text or add variables in the content section.
+ To set up a discount value and expiration date, go to "Collect Reviews" > "Discount" > "Discount Setting". Read more information about discount settings.

The image below is an example of how the discount code looks in the thank you modal after your customers write a review on your online store.

Remember to click Save at the top right of the page after finishing the discount code customization.
If you want to reset everything to the default settings, simply click Reset default next to the Discard button.

If you need more help, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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Updated on: 15/04/2024

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