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Getting started with Ali Reviews

Showcase what customers love about your products through ratings and reviews on your online store. Follow these tutorials to learn how to install and use Ali Reviews which integrates with AI to help find quality reviews automatically from AliExpress and Amazon for your products.

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Install Ali Reviews from the Shopify store
Activate Ali Reviews Core Snippet on Theme Editor
Import reviews
Collect reviews via email review request
Manage reviews
Customize and display widgets

Install Ali Reviews from the Shopify store

To install Ali Reviews, follow these steps:

In the Shopify app store, search Ali Reviews in the search bar
Select Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews and click Install in the Shopify app store
Click Install in Shopify admin

Activate Ali Reviews Core Snippet on Theme Editor

When you install Ali Reviews for the first time, you'll be required to activate Ali Reviews Core Snippet on your theme to display reviews widgets on your storefront.


In the onboarding screen, click Enable now to open the Theme Editor tab

Click App embeds in side menu
Toggle on the Ali Reviews Core Snippet
Click Save to display widgets on your storefront

Import reviews


Add Ali Reviews extension

The purpose of this is to import the reviews smoothly from AliExpress & Amazon and limit errors in the importing process.

From the Import Reviews tab, click Add to Chrome. This will open the Chrome web store tab.
From the Chrome web store, click Add to Chrome.

Add your active products

To import reviews, you need to add active products first. However, you can skip this step if your store has products already. This step is for:

For a new store:
From the Import Reviews tab, click Add product. Then add your product from the Shopify product page and enter a title for your product, along with additional details > Click Save.

For those who are dropshipping:
You can import products from AliExpress, Temu with Zopi ‑ AliExpress Dropshipping.

Import CSV file for stores with existing reviews

For stores with existing reviews:
If your store has existing customer reviews or reviews from other apps like Loox, Shopify Product Reviews, Judgeme, Stamped, Yotpo, importing a CSV file is a good solution to save your time. Click Import CSV file to import reviews from a CSV file. See more about importing CSV file.

Import reviews using AI suggestion

After having the active products on your store, you can start importing reviews by AI suggestion.

Tip: Modify criteria in general for all products by clicking "Settings" on the top-right import reviews tab before importing reviews.

Select the product you want to import reviews and click Import Reviews.

Click Product-specific import settings to adjust the product-specific criteria that match your requirements to include the reviews you want.

AI will auto-suggest 3 review sources. Freely import reviews from 1 source or all sources by AI suggestion depending on your choice. Besides, you can get more top-rated reviews suggested by AI or manually add review sources by clicking Add review source.

For more information about importing reviews, read importing reviews from AliExpress and Amazon

Collect reviews via review request email

In Collect Reviews, there are 4 features:

Auto-request: Review dashboard, review request email, email template, and blocklist.
Manual request: Manual review request via CSV file if orders are not from Shopify.
Discount: Set a discount offer, and customize the discount display to encourage customers to leave reviews.
Review Submission Page: Customers leave reviews for all purchased products in just one tab without spending time writing reviews for each product's link.

The review request email is one of the most outstanding features of collecting reviews. This one will help you gather customer reviews by automatically sending a review request email to your customers after they've received your product.

To use this feature, from the request dashboard, click Activate Email Request.

From the collect reviews tab, in the Auto-request drop-down menu, select Review Request Email.

In this section, we have:

Auto-schedule requests: Toggle on auto-schedule requests to let customers receive email review requests right after the orders are fulfilled.
Email Schedule: Schedule email sending time from the fulfillment date.
Order of products: Arrange the order to show products in the email and review submission pages like high to low price, least to most by reviews.
Reminder email: Schedule an email reminder if customers forget to leave reviews for the purchase.
Old-Order Review Request: Send the Auto-request via email to the old orders from the last 60 days before you installed Ali Reviews. See detailed information about this
Email template customization: Customize multiple pre-designed email templates for review request email, discount code email.

Manage reviews

From the Ali Reviews dashboard, click Manage Reviews. From this tab, you can:

See all reviews of your store by clicking View by reviews.
See reviews of individual products by clicking View by products.

From View by reviews, you can:

Pin reviews to show specific reviews on top
Reply to reviews to interact with customers and boost the trustworthiness of your store
Share on social media to strengthen social proof
Delete or publish many reviews at one time by checking the box on reviews you want
Click Manage media to delete photos/videos that you don’t want to show

Customize and display widgets

To display widgets on the storefront, make sure that you activate Ali Reviews Core Snippet on Theme Editor. If you activated Ali Reviews Core Snippet already, please skip this step. You can see instructions in the previous step Activate Ali Reviews Core Snippet on Theme Editor.


From the Show Reviews tab, click Enable now to open your theme
From your Theme Editor, click App embeds in the left side menu
From your Theme Editor, toggle on the Ali Reviews Core Snippet
From your Theme Editor, click Save to display widgets on your storefront

Ali Reviews has 7 main widget types:

Review Box
Review Popup
Star Rating
Popup Detail
Review Tab
Review Badge

You can directly customize the Review Box, Review Popup, Star Rating, Popup Detail, and Review Tab on Ali Reviews app. This will automatically save and display these widgets in your online store.

Besides, adding widgets manually is another way to display widgets by copying the code and pasting it on specific pages that you want to show. See more details

Only the Carousel and Review Badge need to be added as widget blocks to your theme: Add section > Search Ali Reviews > Click Apps to select a widget.

You've just traveled around Ali Reviews - Product Reviews app. Let's explore more detailed main features that you may want to dive into!

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Updated on: 11/03/2024

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