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Ali Reviews - How to import reviews?

Ali Reviews allows you to enhance your e-commerce store by importing and displaying product reviews. Follow these step-by-step instructions to import reviews seamlessly.

Using Chrome for desktop with Ali Reviews Extension installed is suggested to have a prompt importing process
Note: Reload the app before starting import reviews on the first time

Navigate to the "Import Reviews" tab. This is located in the app's main menu

Modify the settings to get the reviews according to your needs. On the top right, you will able to see the Settings button. The settings includes: Reviews date range, Review limit per import (this limitation is fixed for each plan to ensure the high performance), Publish imported reviews, Prioritize reviews, Content moderation, Locations of the review.

Within the Import Reviews tab, choose the specific product and click "Import reviews" button.

Ali Reviews utilizes AI to automatically generate review URLs from AliExpress for your selected product based on the product's image. Please review the automatically generated URLs to ensure they are accurate and relevant to your product.

Alternatively, if you have specific review URLs (from AliExpress or Amazon) you want to import, you can manually paste them into import field.

After selecting the desired review URLs (either generated automatically or pasted manually), click on the "Import Reviews" button to initiate the import process.

While waiting for the import process of one product, you can move to another one and start importing reviews for it.


- Each time you can import maximum for 5 URLs.

- The review limit per import is divided for each URL. In general, each time you hit the Import button, you will get the maximum reviews depended on plan. You can re-import multiple times to get more reviews.

- We exclude some keyword at default to increase the quality of the reviews. You can change this in Import settings

- AliExpress protect the reviewers' privacy by hiding their name ( showing as K***n or AliExpress Shopper). Ali Reviews will also keep the name as they are on AliExpress. For AliExpress Shopper, we offer an option to hide them as the hidden format A***r

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Updated on: 25/01/2024

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