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Ali Reviews - How to use the Auto Request Reviews via email?

As a shop owner, you always want to get more reviews from purchasers, Review Request via Email feature can help you to set up an Email campaign in order to encourage purchaser to leave a feedback for your store

To set up the Review request email campaign, please follow these following guidance:

Enable the email campaign
Schedule email timing
Set order of products
Reminder Email
Old-Order Review Request
Email configuration


Go to Collect reviews --> Auto Request --> Enable the Auto schedule requests

Note: This feature only works with orders which are fulfilled after you Save the settings


- At the moment, Ali Reviews can only set up the sending time based on the fulfilment date. Please manually estimate the delivery time and schedule the email from the fulfilment date. The email should come after the item has been shipped.

- Customize trigger for specific country: to schedule the different Email sending time for some countries. Please be noted that there's a default filter of the store country (7-day), you can also change this filter as your desire.

More information about scheduling email sending time can be found here


Allows merchants to choose the order to show products in email & review submission page, prioritize collect reviews for high priced products or low review products.

There are 3 options:
By price: High to Low
By review: Least to Most
By list of Shopify order


After send the Auto Request via Email, you can also schedule a Email Reminder if customer forgot to leave the reviews for the purchase. Detail information can be found here


Request reviews for 60-day old orders fulfilled prior to Ali Reviews' installation on Oct 26, 2022. Detail information can be found here.


You can easily customize how the email looks


- Prepare Layout for quick set up. Many more layouts are coming soon, there is Basic layout availble at the moment.

- Check this post to know how important the subject line critical your open rate


Customize the look of your Email: upload logo/ banner and set up other elements


- We prepare some templates for quick set up.

- These settings are available to customize from Essential plan

- You can use the provided variants on the email content, such as Buyer fullname, Product name, Order date, etc. However, for the Product name variant, it will show the correct product name when your order has only one product. In case an order has more products, it will show the Order ID instead.

- Custom your Email Request Review including: Email footer, Subject ;ome, Email comtent, submit review section, etc.

- Custom Email personalized sending can be set seperately in here


- You can send the Test mail to see how the email looks like, however, the submit email button will not work as the real mail. Your customer who receive the actual mails from this campaign will be able to submit the review. Detail information can be checked here.

- Email campaign won't work for all the orders have been purchased before your configuration. Please help to do send email manually if you want

- Each contact will not receive more than 2 emails/ day and 5 emails a month. If you schedule more than 5 emails, other requests will not be sent and turn to Error status. You will be able to resend those request in the next month.

- To follow your emails status. Check our guidance for better understanding.

- Turning off the button "Auto scheduled requests" will not affect the scheduled mails. For making clear, the current scheduled email will be sent even if you disable the Review Request Email. Therefore, if you do not want to send them, please go Request Dashboard to cancel the requests which have "Scheduled" status

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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Updated on: 30/03/2023

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